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    The sun is shining, the booze is flowing, everyone is looking HAPPY for once. It’s clearly that time of year, when the summer parties in London are about to kick off.

    Bounce is the master of indoor summer parties in London, which at first might sound a little strange. But trust me, they know what they’re doing. Gone are the days of informal barbecuing dependent on hideous amounts of social interaction with people you just met, scolding sunburn that even a lightweight t-shirt exacerbates and having to be faced with every kind of foot imaginable baring itself (quite literally) for all to see in sandals that shouldn’t be allowed to see the light of day.  Enter the glorious indoor summer party at Bounce. The answer to all your summer woes, because we’re British after all.

    In short, the answer to too much sun is a quick game of Ping Pong. Obviously. With a relaxed, fun atmosphere, the delights of cool air con to contrast with London’s scolding heat wave, plenty of drinks on hand and slices of pizza to wash it all down with. What more could you want from summer parties in London I hear you ask? Party tunes? Well they’ve got that too. Resident DJ’s will be on hand to spit tune after tune ‘til the cows come home. AKA all the right reasons to get raving and misbehaving at Bounce this summer.


    Bounce has to be the place for the work Christmas party not least because it’s filled with ping pong balls which, under the right conditions (say, 5 cocktails), closely resemble small snowballs, flying through the air, giving the impression of being inside a blizzard caused by the happy hooves of Rudolf as he gallops towards your house, tongue lolling out as Santa thrashes him.


    What's more Christmassy than a face full of cocktail juice all dribbly and wild, begging that fit one to come and lick it off your face? Not much, apart from the little rituals. In the past it was all about leaving a carrot in the fireplace for Santa to munch. Now it's about wearing the most insane penguin-doing-a-backflip-over-a-snow-dolphin, knitted-from-the-wool-of-a-hundred-sheep, tw*t jumper.


    But whatever you wanna do at your work Christmas party, you can do it at Bounce with the added thrill of having a bat in your hand and being able to control minute particles of snow in an all-encompassing avalanche.


    241 Old Street EC1V 9EY, EC1V 9EY

    • 241 Old Street EC1V 9EY
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