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Set Sail: Top London Summer Boat Party Venues

Treat your friends and colleagues to a unique summer event this year with these top summer boat party venues London has to offer. With its iconic skyline and rich history, London is the perfect backdrop for a unique and memorable corporate summer boat party. Cruising along the River Thames provides an unforgettable experience, offering stunning views and a truly special atmosphere. In this article, we will explore some of the best summer boat party venues in London and provide tips on how to choose the perfect boat for your event. Let’s set sail!

Popular Corporate Summer Boat Party Venues

A summer boat party in London is an experience like no other. With a variety of vessels available to suit any style and budget, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the most popular corporate summer boat party venues:

The Silver Sturgeon

This luxurious vessel offers a stylish setting for your summer boat party in London. With its sleek, contemporary design and capacity for up to 550 guests, the Silver Sturgeon is perfect for large-scale events. The onboard team can provide bespoke catering and entertainment options, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.


As one of Europe’s largest and most versatile event ships, Oceandiva offers a unique floating venue for your boat summer party. Accommodating up to 1,500 guests, this impressive vessel features state-of-the-art facilities and can be fully customised to suit your event requirements.

Bateaux London

With a fleet of elegant boats, Bateaux London offers a range of options for your corporate summer boat party. Each vessel features contemporary interiors, exceptional dining options, and stunning views of London’s iconic landmarks.

Silver Barracuda

This beautifully restored vintage river cruiser provides a charming, nostalgic setting for your summer boat party in London. The Silver Barracuda can accommodate up to 260 guests and offers a range of catering and entertainment options to suit your needs.

Why Choose a Boat for a Summer Party Venue?

There are several compelling reasons to choose a boat as the venue for your corporate summer party:

Great views

A summer boat party in London allows guests to enjoy unrivalled views of the city’s most iconic landmarks, creating a memorable experience and a fantastic photo opportunity.

Multiple pickup points

Many boat venues offer the flexibility of multiple pickup and drop-off locations along the River Thames, making it convenient for your guests to attend the event.

Stylish vessels

Boat summer parties provide a unique and sophisticated setting, with many vessels offering luxurious interiors and state-of-the-art facilities.

Unique experience

A boat party is a distinctive and memorable event that your guests will remember for years to come, setting your corporate summer party apart from the rest.

Why London Has the Best Boat Venues for Summer Events

London is ideal for boat summer parties due to its historic and picturesque setting along the River Thames. The city boasts an impressive selection of stylish and unique vessels catering to various event types and budgets. Here’s why London has the best boat venues for events:

Iconic landmarks

A summer boat party in London offers the opportunity to enjoy close-up views of some of the world’s most famous landmarks, including the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge, and the London Eye. These iconic sites provide an unforgettable backdrop for your corporate event.

Rich history

London’s rich history is fully displayed as you cruise along the River Thames. Guests can admire the architectural marvels that have stood the test of time, providing an immersive experience and conversation starters during your event.

Diverse options

With a wide variety of vessels to choose from, London has a boat venue to suit every taste and budget. From luxurious yachts to historic river cruisers, there’s a perfect boat summer party option for every event.

Boat Summer Party Venue Search Tips

To find the best boat venue for your corporate summer party, consider the following tips:

Use online platforms

Websites such as SummerEvents.London and Venues.London are an excellent resource for finding the perfect boat venue for your event. These platforms provide detailed information about each vessel, along with photos, capacity, and pricing.

Indoor space for wet weather

London’s weather can be unpredictable, so choosing a boat venue with adequate indoor space to accommodate your guests in case of rain is essential.

Check for necessary amenities

Ensure the boating venue has all the amenities for your event, such as audio-visual equipment, catering options, and entertainment facilities. Remember, once the boat sets sail, you can’t get off and grab anything that you need for your event!

Book early

Popular summer boat party venues in London can book quickly, especially during peak season. To secure your desired boat and date, start your search early and make a reservation well before your event.

What Views Will You See from a River Thames Cruise Summer Party?

A River Thames cruise summer party offers a unique perspective of London’s iconic landmarks and picturesque scenery. As you sail through the heart of the city, your guests will be treated to a visual feast of some of the capital’s most famous sites, including:

The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

These historic buildings symbolise British democracy and provide a stunning backdrop for any summer boat party in London.

The Tower Bridge

One of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, the Tower Bridge is a marvel of Victorian engineering and offers a fantastic photo opportunity.

The London Eye

This giant Ferris wheel offers panoramic city views and creates a striking silhouette against the London skyline.

The Shard

As the tallest building in the United Kingdom, The Shard offers an impressive sight as it pierces the sky, showcasing London’s modern architectural prowess.

St. Paul’s Cathedral

This iconic domed cathedral has stood proudly on London’s skyline for centuries, symbolising the resilience of the city and its inhabitants.

The Globe Theatre

A reconstruction of the original Shakespearean playhouse, The Globe Theatre transports guests back in time to the world of Elizabethan drama.

Canary Wharf

This modern business district starkly contrasts London’s historic architecture, representing the city’s dynamic and ever-evolving nature.

Choose A Boat Summer Party Venue

A corporate summer boat party in London offers guests a unique and memorable experience, combining the city’s rich history with a stylish and sophisticated setting. With a range of impressive venues to choose from and stunning views of London’s iconic landmarks, a boat summer party is an exceptional choice for your next corporate event.

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