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Cahoots Summer Venue

Soho, W1B 5PG
  • 150
    Maximum Guests

Looking for a unique and exciting venue for your summer party? Look no further than Cahoots, a 1940s-themed bar located in the heart of London’s Soho. This station-speakeasy is set inside an abandoned train station and is the perfect place to transport your guests back in time. With three distinct spaces to choose from – The Underground, Ticket Hall, and Signal Station – your party will be filled with spiffing cocktails, jolly-good rations, and live swinging entertainment seven days a week. Step back in time and indulge in ‘High Spirits, Scoundrels & Swing!’ at Cahoots. Book your summer party now and make it an unforgettable event!




Google Reviews

4,092 reviews
  • Lily K
    Lily K
    2 weeks ago

    Thr atmosphere was amazing here! The theme was so cool! The music was great!!! The drinks though we're a little too inventive for my personal taste but I am sure a lot of other people enjoy it. The menu was printed blurry and the room was extra dark so we had a difficult time reading and figuring out what were in the drinks. Definitely check this place out.

  • The G Force
    The G Force
    a month ago

    My second visit here & won’t be my last. It’s such a unique place - ww2 atmosphere. You order cocktails from a newspaper menu. I ordered the Winston Churchill cocktail which came up in a jug shaped like him. Very cool.

  • Vee
    a week ago

    If there was ever a bar I wish I could have shared with my grandfather over a pint of bitter (for him) and a cocktail for me, this is it. I keep insisting on going to these sort of cheesy thematic bars in London and expecting brilliance and style, yet also always expecting the worst. Thankfully, Cahoots may be branded and themed to heck, and clearly a sort of kitschy tourist trap, but was actually a legit good time. And, in some weird way, made me a little teary-eyed, especially the old photos in the toilets. I'm not sure Gen Z kids coming here for TikTok reels would truly get it, but the theme and decor really strikes a chord if you have any grasp of London's history during WWII. There are two sections to this place: an above ground pub and the underground cocktail bar. Both have their distinct charms. The underground is the place to be. Set up like a speakeasy in a fake Underground bomb shelter, it's plastered with WWII era memorabilia. As fun as it is as a bar, part of me took it very seriously and recalled how at one point these weren't just cool throwback posters to paste on a bar wall but legitimate warnings about bombings and war that real people experienced, some of whom may be still alive today. It was a very interesting contrast and made me think. I do wish my WWII RAF veteran granddad would have seen it with me. The cocktails are a bit hit and miss for my tastes. They seem quite sweet for the most part, but I will say, I had the best white negroni here: the White Pines Negroni. I wasn't sure since it has so many liqueurs, but it was incredibly balanced with the herbal components. Very polished. The Latern Sazerac was a bit too much on the sweet side for me but since I love Sazeracs I thought I'd like it. It wasn't bad, it was just not very much like the Sazerac I enjoy personally. The presentation was fun, but didn't make it taste any better. Service was okay. A little absent but not unfriendly. The menu is a nightmare to read. The font is tiny and the print job is cheap so it's blurry. (No, I don't need glasses.) Again, it's really cool looking, but not practical. There is no wifi or mobile signal. Big shout out to the awesome doorman too for not allowing a crowd of annoyingly drunk 20-year-old Americans in. Bless you. This place is for fancy cocktails and having a good time, not for screaming drunks and doing shots. It's a little more mature than that scene and I'm glad they filter guests.

  • Joel Pagett
    Joel Pagett
    3 months ago

    I recently did Bootleg Breakout at Cahoots – a combination of a mini tabletop escape room and a cocktail masterclass. Cahoots is a vintage style ‘speak-easy’ which is set in an old underground station. It had a great atmosphere, and was like stepping back in time. Upon arrival, we were introduced to a rather funny barman who took us down to a ‘secret room’ where we had to solve the clues and help break out one of the locked-up bartenders. The escape room element was good fun and didn’t take too long, so it didn’t drag on which was good – as I’ve done some which are a bit painful when you can’t solve anything! Once we helped the bartender to escape, we started our ‘training’ on how to make 2 cocktails. The measures were all pre-measured in little bottles, so it was very easy to do, and didn’t take much skill – but who’s complaining when you get 2 cocktails! Overall, the experience was great fun. The actors throughout the experience were good fun and didn’t break character at all during the entire experience. The whole thing took around 2 hours and involved 3 drinks in total, all of which were very palatable. The whole experience was great fun, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their visit. I’d certainly return to Cahoots for a drink in the future!

  • Kerry Dailly
    Kerry Dailly
    3 months ago

    AMAZING! I have always wanted to go here and it didn't disappoint. The decor is reminiscent of the 1940s and very authentic. The staff were fabulous on arrival, walking us to our table. We sat in what I can only describe as an old underground carriage. We ordered some nibbles and our first cocktails. Each cocktail is around £15 each, but well worth it. They are served in the most unique manner and tasted divine. You get the table for around 2 hours, but the time goes far too quickly as you gaze at all the quirky features that transport you back in time. It was a wonderfully unique experience, and I would highly recommend booking a table if you're ever in the area