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Experience an extraordinary summer party venue on the Thames with HMS Belfast summer party venue. As a unique and iconic venue in London, this restored battle cruiser offers stunning 360-degree views, an outdoor space, refreshing iced drinks, and superb catering. The venue is located in the heart of London, featuring Tower Bridge and the Tower of London as its backdrop.

Once a vital player in both World War II and the Korean War, HMS Belfast is now a permanent fixture on the River Thames, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for your summer event. Explore all nine decks and take the helm of this historic warship as you journey through its rooms and climb up and down ladders. From the engine rooms 15ft below sea level to the guns that fired the first shots on D-Day, you’ll get an up-close look at the inner workings of a warship and hear powerful stories from those who served on board.




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  • Cody P
    Cody P
    2 weeks ago

    I always love paying a visit to historical military ships and this one does not disappoint! With the HMS Belfast being a cruiser, this ship isn’t as daunting as a larger battleship, and you can explore this one comfortably in about 2 - 4 hours depending on your speed and if you feel the need to stop and read / listen to each section (audio guides come free with admission). There are directional arrows to guide guests along the right path so you don’t get lost. Be ready for lots of tight spaces, especially when going up or down the stairs that are really more like ladders. There is also a cafe on the ship with bathrooms so they have done a good job to provide amenities to visitors. The gift shop was fun but I wish it had more to offer.

  • Matt Wallace
    Matt Wallace
    3 months ago

    Amazing day trip with the family. Perfect place to go if you any interest in WW2 or Ships. Stunningly preserved and really well presented. Lots to see and do. Very interactive for big and little kids. Lots of atmosphere. Lots of ladders so you need to be fairly agile. Lovely day out. Takes about 2 hours. Nice picnic and cafe facilities. Very highly recommended. A must. PS - Pre booking is needed

  • Iulia Marin
    Iulia Marin
    3 months ago

    The reason I give it 4 out of 5 stars, in some parts of the boat signed are not clear where to go and I end up going in circles and missed some of the objectives. On the website I think should mention that you need like 3-4 hours to properly visit it. We entered at 14:30 , and had no time to visit it properly . Apart from that I fully recommend and definitely I will come back to see the missed parts.

  • Bent Zent
    Bent Zent
    a week ago

    A beautiful piece of history that sits on the river right in the centre of London. Didn't have time to go in and check out the interior, but worth seeing even from afar, especially if naval history piques your interest.

  • Malu K
    Malu K
    a month ago

    HMS BELFAST boat in London I can only recommend. It is not just an ordinary museum. I liked the possibility of interaction that bring the ship's history to life. For a moment you feel like you are part of the crew. All those who served on HMS BELFAST were heroes to me. We spent a few hours on the boat. definitely worth a visit. 👍👍👍👍⚓️