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Lord’s Cricket Ground Summer Venue

London, NW8 8QN
  • 250
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The most famous cricket ground in the world, Lord’s is a truly magical place all year round. However, the glamour of Lord’s is always at its height in the summer months. The Pavilion Roof Terrace, located on top of the most historic building in the Ground, is guaranteed to leave your guests an experience to remember. The delightful Harris Garden is ideal for alfresco parties and receptions. In addition, the tented Mound Stand Terrace, one of London’s largest outdoor venues, benefits from unrivalled views overlooking the Ground. Set in the heart of London’s St. John’s Wood and with breathtaking views of the legendary cricket field, Lord’s offers a magical experience that transcends the sport. As the renowned “Home of Cricket,” Lord’s is an ideal location for conferences, dining events, receptions, and summer parties.

The summertime is when Lord’s truly comes alive. The historic Pavilion Roof Terrace, perched atop the Ground’s most famous building, promises to give your guests an unforgettable experience. The charming Harris Garden is perfect for outdoor parties and receptions, while the Mound Stand Terrace, one of London’s largest outdoor venues, boasts unparalleled views of the Ground. The J.P. Morgan Media Centre is also available as a summer event space. Normally reserved for journalists and commentators on match days, it offers panoramic views of the Ground and is an excellent venue for entertaining guests. The futuristic single-shell aluminium pod, a remarkable engineering feat, was constructed by shipbuilders and won the prestigious Stirling Prize for architecture in 1999.




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  • Nagen Singh
    Nagen Singh
    2 months ago

    As an Indian cricket fan, visiting Lord’s Cricket Ground was an experience steeped in history and prestige. Being part of a diverse group with an Aussie, three West Indians, a Kiwi, and fellow Indian supporters added to the excitement. The aura of the ‘Home of Cricket’ was palpable, and walking through the Long Room, seeing the Honours Boards, and feeling the presence of cricketing legends was awe-inspiring. The ground’s immaculate condition and the rich tradition it embodies made us feel connected to the greats of the game. The staff were knowledgeable and welcoming, enhancing our experience. While the tour was a unifying journey for cricket lovers from different countries, as an Indian, I felt a profound sense of pride and connection to the sport’s rich history. Lord’s truly is a cricketing pilgrimage that transcends national allegiances.

  • Navneeth G M
    Navneeth G M
    2 months ago

    As a Cricket Fan Visiting Lords was a dream.come.true. The Ground is just Fantastic Great Views from All Stands . Feels so Close to the Ground. The Lords Tour in and Around the stadium was Great. The Guide informed Us so many stories of Lords Ground....An Amazing Experience.

  • आकाशदिप धनक

    Lords Cricket Stadium is the epitome of cricketing elegance and tradition. The iconic venue, nestled in St John's Wood, London, exudes a sense of history that engulfs visitors as soon as they step through its gates. The Pavilion, with its timeless architecture, stands as a testament to the sport's rich heritage. The hallowed turf of the playing field is meticulously maintained, offering a perfect stage for epic cricket battles. The grandstands provide excellent views from almost every angle, ensuring spectators don't miss a moment of the action. The atmosphere during a match is electric, with passionate fans adding to the thrill. The museum within Lords is a treasure trove for cricket enthusiasts, housing an extensive collection of memorabilia, including historic equipment and artifacts. The guided tours offer a fascinating journey through the stadium's past, showcasing its role in shaping the game. However, like any historic venue, there are areas that may show signs of aging. Facilities, while adequate, may not match the modern extravagance of some newer stadiums. Yet, this only adds to the charm for those who appreciate cricket's roots. In conclusion, Lords Cricket Stadium is a cathedral of cricket, where the echoes of legendary moments resonate through time. It may lack some contemporary frills, but its aura and significance make it a must-visit for anyone seeking to connect with the soul of the sport.

  • Nanda kishore Sana
    Nanda kishore Sana
    4 months ago

    Seeing and taking in the history of cricket played at this venue was one of the best experiences. It is in fact the home of cricket. Your brain and intellect become engaged as you walk through the changing rooms and listen to the tour leader explain the history and begin to live in those moments. The Lords tour ought to be on your bucket list if you enjoy cricket. Several pointers for anyone considering a Lords tour. 1. Make your reservations at least one month in advance. You might not be able to purchase last-minute or even one-week-ahead tour tickets. 2. Arrive at the gate prior to the start time. The tour begins and concludes almost exactly on schedule. 3. Don't be afraid to inquire about anything.

  • Shreekara Udupa
    Shreekara Udupa
    5 months ago

    I had an amazing experience during the stadium tour as a cricket fan! The organization was top-notch, ensuring you explore every corner of the stadium. It's unquestionably a great value for your money, and I highly recommend it if you want to have an unforgettable time. Bestt

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